Shelly Scott

Professional Drummer, Producer, Percussionist, Singer, Programmer, Songwriter, Arranger, Full Event Multimedia Support Planner.

Shelly Scott was two years old when he picked up his first pair of drum sticks. Since then he has made drums and their fabulous sounds his life. Scott started his formal grooming at the age of seven in New York with training by Allen Goodman, Gene Krupa, John Pratt, and Buddy Rich. He recorded his first album with producer Kim Fowley as a member of Ed Bissot's pioneering psychedelic band St. John Green. The band was signed by Mike Curb at MGM Records. Scott was later invited by Clark Garman (Doppler Effect) & Tay Uhler to jam with Eric Clapton (Cream) and Steven Stills (Buffalo Springfield), both number one artists at that time. He continued jamming with many more artists, including Johnny Rivers, which earned him a reputation as a formidable new drumming force. Scott signed to MGM records with Mickey Rooney Jr., Clark Garman, and Rob Lewine with the hit band SONG.

Shelly Scott toured through the United States with John Phillips and Mama Cass Elliot of the Mamas and Papas, later that year recording for Rolling Stones Records on the album LAGNAF with engineer Bill Lazareth (A&M). Scott later joined forces with Bobby Whitlock (Delaney & Bonnie, and super-group Derek and the Dominoes' LAYLA album, which was co-written by Whitlock). During this period Scott also appeared on Grace Slick’s (Jefferson Airplane) first solo album entitled SUNFIGHTER  for the Jefferson Airplane’s new record label GRUNT Records, financed by RCA. SUNFIGHTER included Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Jerry Garcia, and Graham Nash to name a few. Scott also recorded the BLACK KANGAROO album for GRUNT Records artist Peter Kaukonen, and performed with Joey Covington (Jefferson Airplane) for his FAT FANDANGO album.

Shelly Scott continued working constantly in recording studios, clubs, and concert tours with such superstars as Jo Jo Gunne, Jay Ferguson (Spirit), Bonnie Bramlett, Little Feat, The Knack, Billy Burnette, Dorsey Burnette, Rocky Burnette, Tim Rose, Redbone, the Standells, Lenny Williams (Tower of Power), Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Gerry Fuller, Tim Bogart (Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Beck Bogart & Appice), Steve Perry (Journey), and many others. Eventually Shelly joined the number one show band Cricket and toured throughout the entire United States for two years.

In 1982 Scott sought to fulfill a need in the music industry and founded High Tech Productions, bringing in Clark Garman as a valued partner. This venture launched Shelly Scott as an innovator in the modern music and digital age. High Tech Productions was one of the first pioneers specializing in triggering, turnkey digital and synthesizer production, specialized programming and sound design techniques tailored for artists, producers, film companies, and recording studios. High Tech provided access to the latest in music technology and his talents in sound design, programming, tour support, and stage setups. From 1982 to 1994 Scott accrued a phenomenal list of clients and credits (see attachment). 

From 1994 on, Scott toured and worked with artists such as Guitar Jack Wargo (Billy Preston, Ray Charles), and Lester Chambers (Chambers Brothers), among others. He later performed in Las Vegas with Tommy Thomson and his Band (Buddy Rich). Also that year, with Terry Ashley he co-produced a single for a young promising artist from San Antonio named Rebecca Valadez with ten time Grammy winning engineer Al Schmidt (Natalie Cole, Michael Bolton). The song “Treat Me Like a Lady” became the number one requested song for two weeks on the pop P1 radio station 102.7 in San Antonio, including being on major rotation with Janet Jackson and Madonna for four weeks. 

In 1998, Scott decided to go into semi-retirement, relocated to Palm Springs, got married, and had a beautiful daughter Rachel. In 2000, he produced a record for Guitar Jack, enlisting Multi-Grammy winning engineer/producer Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Bad Company). After the amazing career Shelly Scott has attained, he has now launched, a major production company.

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